Job Opportunities

Those who have worked with the aged and elderly before will be only too familiar with what the work entails. However, for those who have no experience and are considering a job or career in this arena, you should be aware of the following:

Caring for the elderly is a labor of love! No-one should enter this line of work expecting to make a lot of money or only work 9am to 5pm. This work is hard. Hours can often be long. At times this work can be emotionally challenging too but it can also be very rewarding. Getting to know the residents at such an intimate level means coming to love them too. They are a part of our family and you too will be considered part of our family.

Extent of Work
In an Adult Foster Care home, residents must rely on you for pretty much everything and more often than not you will be working with elderly residents who not only may be vision and/or hearing impaired, but may also be subject to common ailments such as (but not limited to):

  • Mild to severe mobility issues. These can range from difficulty walking without assistance, to requiring a wheelchair at all times and full handling for bathing, dressing/undressing, going to the bathroom, transit to and from the dining area and living room area for mealtimes, being put to bed etc.
  • Dealing with transfers properly. e.g. from couch to wheelchair or from wheelchair to bed and vice versa. This can involve various degrees of exertion depending on the condition and weight of the individual but correct technique allows for the smooth transfer of an individual who may exceed your own bodyweight.
  • Incontinence.
  • Alzheimers and other forms of mild to moderate dementia.
  • Close management of pre-existing medical conditions. For example: cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

You will be a healthcare professional, a cook, a cleaner, an entertainer, a receptionist, residents’ family consult , and at all times a responsible and caring overseer for those in your charge.

Just Like Home AFC
Just Like Home AFC is a “family” home. This means that we, the owners, live on-site 24/7. The residents’ home is also our home. We have an 8 year old son and a 2 year old daughter and this means that in addition to the aforementioned duties, we will require our employees to assist us occasionally in watching either or both children for short periods of time.

Our reputation is important to us. We take pride in our home. How visitors, residents, and their families perceive us as caregivers and our facility is important to us. Cleanliness and presentation at all times is paramount. Issues such as personal slovenliness, a non-commital attitude, laziness, tardiness, an average workplace mentality, or a desire to not help maintain high standards will not be tolerated. We know this transition can be difficult for some when entering this line of work for the first time which is why we take you under our wing and closely supervise for the first couple of weeks.

Our employees typically work flexible shifts which are mutually beneficial to both us and them. Depending on how full our home is at any given time, hours can vary from as little as 15 hours per week to over 50 hours per week when the home is full.

If you are relatively local to Howell MI, have your own transport, are fit, healthy, can work flexible full or part-time hours, and feel you meet all the criteria outlined above, then we would love to hear from you. We may not always have openings at the time you call but we will always be interested to meet you and keep your information on record.