How Do I Choose An Adult Foster Care Home Or A Home For The Aged?

March 27th, 2007

Placement of a Resident

If you are visiting our website, you have most likely already identified your needs for your loved ones and have a general understanding of the differences between, Adult Foster Care (AFC), Assisted Living, Homes For the Aged (HFA) and Nursing Homes.

Both AFC Homes and HFA provide care to persons who are or have:

  • Aged
  • Mentally Ill
  • Physically Disabled
  • Alzheimer’s Disease or other Dementia Related Disorders

Care may include assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, walking, toileting or the administration of medication.

The State of Michigan defines an AFC as:
Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes are residential settings that provide 24-hour personal care, protection, and supervision for individuals who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, physically handicapped or aged who cannot live alone but who do not need continuous nursing care.
* AFC Homes are restricted to providing care to no more than 20 adults

However, the individual services provided by each AFC will be clearly defined and the licensee (owner) should be happy to discuss this with you in detail.

There are many types of AFC and HFA homes. Before making a decision, it is strongly recommended that you visit the home, talk with the residents , consider the neighborhood and question the provider. If you are still in the early stages of your searching and fact-finding, the agencies listed below may help you in the selection process:

  • Local Department of Human Services, Adult Services Unit
  • Michigan Department of Human Services, Office of Children and Adult Licensing, Licensing Division
  • Local Community Mental Health Board
  • Michigan Department of Community Health
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services
  • Citizens for Better Care
  • Local Office on Services for the Aging
  • State Office on Services for the Aging

The numbers and addresses are in your local telephone directory.

When selecting an AFC or a HFA home, it is important that you clearly understand the services to be provided and the cost of those services.

Website Launched

March 26th, 2007

We are delighted to launch our new website which we hope will become a useful resource for families of our residents and those interested in learning more about us and/or placing a loved one with us.

This site went live on March 24th (2007) and is a work in progress so please bear with us as we continue to add content and update the site.

We have decided to use a powerful blog software called WordPress to create this website. Unlike traditional web pages coded in HTML, it allows us to add content as “articles” much like a journal as and when we need to.

The advantages are twofold. Firstly, it is much easier for us to keep you up-to-date with news and happenings here at Just Like Home. Secondly, it also allows us complete autonomy from relying upon a 3rd party web developer to manage and update our website for us which means our updates are timely.

What’s more, by subscribing, you can post responses in (called comments) to any of the published articles on this site which, once approved, are available to see by everyone.  For example comments are enabled for this post you are reading right now!